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Marna - Short to Super Short!
Marna - Short to Super Short! Marna - Short to Super Short! Marna - Short to Super Short! Marna - Short to Super Short!

Marna - Short to Super Short!

(65 minutes) – Elegant and beautiful Marna came to us for a dramatic summer haircut, and we decided to create something very funky and sexy! Marna is an elegant middle-aged lady sporting an already relatively short, but bland and boring hairstyle to begin with. We decide to go super-short with Marna, but still create an edgy hairstyle that she can confidently wear to her work as an office administrator. See in super close-up detail as Nicole our experienced stylist expertly handles the clippers to go as short as possible along the back and sides, and then proceeds to scissor cut Marna’a bangs to the shortest possible length right the top of her forehead. This gives the look a reckless cheeky and funky quality – definitely not just an ordinary short hairstyle!! The ultra short bang cut further helps to accentuate Marna’s amazingly pretty crystal blue eyes! Nicole demonstrates in detail how to achieve this cut with dramatic and aggressive clipper cutting techniques. Enjoy super close-up footage of each of the steps in this cut as Marna’s new super short hairstyle evolves! A truly dramatic and adventurous end-result on an amazing and beautiful lady! Marna also seems o love her new super short look! This amazing Futurecuts makeover video is available for download now, and promises to be a classic reference for all those who love the look of super short clipper shaved hairstyles for beautiful woman! This stunning video is available in crystal clear download-able WMV format for your viewing pleasure today.

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