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Lisa - Clipper Cuts & Shaved
Lisa - Clipper Cuts & Shaved Lisa - Clipper Cuts & Shaved Lisa - Clipper Cuts & Shaved Lisa - Clipper Cuts & Shaved

Lisa - Clipper Cuts & Shaved

(74 minutes) Available as a download, or in high quality DVD format! Experience the drama as Lisa, a stunningly beautiful young woman, with the facial features of an angel, dares to go for the ultimate extreme funky hairstyle of a super short skin-tight clipper shaved haircut. Lisa’s step-by-step haircut is breathtakingly exciting, as it slowly progresses through various super contrasting blunt and stepped clipper cut and shaved styles. Defining new extreme and creative styling ideas and concepts each and every step of the process. After the very dramatic undercutting of her long beautiful dark hair, various extreme blunt line cuts are performed. These include some super short radical bob cuts, progressing to ultra high bowl cuts – demonstrating techniques for cutting very stark blunt lines, and high and extremely tight clipper shaved nape, back & sides styles. Lisa’s bangs also get cut down to an extremely high, short and very blunt line during this process. The various creative extreme styles and the dramatic contrasts in hair lengths compliment Lisa’s angelic facial features beautifully! She finally ends up looking super hot and sexy at end of this makeover, sporting nothing but the faintest peach-fuzz stubble after her skin-tight final clipper shave! This brand new production is a very creative, very dramatic video that is sure to delight and impress any serious extreme style hair-enthusiast! Available now in clear WMV downloadable video format, or as a DVD for your viewing pleasure today. If you order the DVD version, you also receive the digital download copy at no additional cost!

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