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If you have completed your PayPlal payment and are brought to this page, it means that successful payment has been made and that the transaction has been completed. You will shortly receive an e-mail with your payment transaction details, plus any shipping product or download instruction details.

If you are experiencing any difficulties at all with your order or download please e-mail us and we will assist you to have your problem solved as soon as possible. Please include the order number and product name to enable us to help you as speedily as possible.
E-Mail us at: erik@futurecuts.com


All the Futurecuts WMV Video downloads have individual tracking and ID numbers linked to the original customer name embedded in the file. This enables us to track attempts at illegal copying and distribution of all our video files on an individual basis. Thank you for your great support of Futurecuts. Your purchase and financial contribution makes it possible for Futurecuts to create unique and exciting NEW video programs. Without these funds it will be impossible to produce new haircut videos and productions. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this. For full details on our terms and conditions please contact us: erik@futurecuts.com


Direct PayPal Orders:
If you are experiencing difficulties in ordering through our online shop you can also order directly through your PayPal account.
You can bypass the online shop ordering process completely. Place an order and make payment directly from your own PayPal account home-page if you prefer!
To do this: Just write the names of the video models in the PayPal "note" or "message" field of your PayPal "Send Money" payment page. The total price can be calculated by simply taking the total number of downloads you want to purchase, and multiplying them with the product's price ($15 or $16). Select "Service/Other" as the type of product.
The ordering address to use is:      paypal@futurecuts.com
As soon as your PayPal order and payment reflects on our system, we can then manually issue you the download keys for your order normally within 24 hours.
We hope this information is of help. You can also contact us at: erik@futurecuts.com
Thank you for your interest and support.

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