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Anita's Super Short Xtreme-Bob -Part 1
Anita's Super Short Xtreme-Bob -Part 1 Anita's Super Short Xtreme-Bob -Part 1 Anita's Super Short Xtreme-Bob -Part 1 Anita's Super Short Xtreme-Bob -Part 1

Anita's Super Short Xtreme-Bob -Part 1

(60 minutes) – Part 1 of our amazing transformation haircut featuring Anita – View our new extreme production – available as a new download right now!! See the amazingly beautiful and sexy young Anita cutting her thick shinny locks to a ultimate short and dramatic asymmetrical ‘wedge’ bob style!  Amazing close-up camera action follows each of the radical and dramatic steps in her transformation from a long haired beauty to a super short haired stunner! Al of this captured for your ultimate viewing pleasure and enjoyment. There is something amazing and absolutely sexy in seeing such a classically beautiful goddess of a young woman sacrificing her long beautiful locks to the eager clippers! The vast amounts of her thick shinny long hair tumbling to the floor are breathtaking. Our hairdresser wields the scissors and clippers without any mercy and makes short work of Anita’s shiny mane and flowing hair. Anita emerges even more beautiful and sexy after her ultimate extreme bob cut than she was before! See in crystal clear close-up detail as the hungry clippers shears skin tight along her smooth nape and delicate temples. This is a high impact video production - jam-packed with tons of amazing close-up and detailed footage. This dramatic Futurecuts extreme haircut video is available for download right now, and promises to be a great collector’s production for all those who love the edgy and contrasting look of the extreme bob style! This stunning 60 minute long, jam-packed haircutting video is available in crystal clear download-able WMV format for your viewing pleasure right now. This 'part-1' video covers the complete bob cut process, and the following 'part-2' production covers the next step from the x-bob up to Anita's complete smooth razor shave

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